GAP (God's Amazing Preteens)

The Preteen Ministry of Main Street is a division of the Children’s Ministry. It is a Christ-centered ministry specifically and intentionally designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of fifth graders to help them transition from children’s ministry to middle school ministry.

Sunday Mornings:

9:40 a.m.- GAP Bible Fellowship

The 5th grade Sunday school meets in the GAP room, which is the PURPLE ROOM in the children’s education hall upstairs. Their room is full of games, energy and fun. In May, the 5th grade students move up to Middle School Ministry (located in the balcony of the Historic Sanctuary).

Curriculum: During the Sunday school hour, 5th grade students use the engaging GRAPPLE curriculum which is designed specifically for preteen students. GRAPPLE gives students the opportunity to connect throughout the week in their own safe and secure online community, which follows through on topics covered on Sunday mornings.

10:50 a.m.- SPLIT! (Servant Preteen Leaders-In-Training)

Preteens have three options during the 10:50 service. They are welcome to continue with elementary Promiseland, where they are given additional responsibilities as helpers. Another option that is unique to preteens, is the opportunity to serve as shepherds in the preschool worship service in ToT Town (Preschool Promiseland). This option requires preteens to attend a quarterly training session and sign an accountability agreement.