In Main Street's Preschool ministry, we are working each week to build a foundation of faith in these little lives that will last forever. We have wonderful teachers who are passionate about preschoolers and we seek to begin faith development at infancy. We also have a ToTs parent team that is committed to ensuring excellence in our preschool department.

Sunday Mornings


We use Gospel Light's Preschool Sunday School curriculum- their motto is: "We let them play while they learn." Gospel Light has designed a simple, three-step teaching plan that keeps children involved in lively activities, while they learn about God. It's as simple as: Play. Listen. Talk.

Safety and Security

Your child's safety is important to us at Main Street. All of our trained staff and volunteers go through a thorough application process that includes a criminal background check and verified reference check. 

When you bring your preschooler to Main Street, you will be asked to register your child at our Sign-In table. We need some basic information about your sweet little one, so that we can give him/her excellent care. Your preschooler will receive a uniquely numbered sticker, that is to be placed on his/her back, with a matching sticker for you. When you pick up your preschooler at the end of your worship experience, you will be asked to provide this sticker or a valid driver's license.  If you are needed, we will text or call your cell phone. Your child's safety is our primary concern- children cannot learn unless they feel that they are in secure environment.

Please note that our CHECK IN station at the Historic building for toddlers-Kindergarten kids closes at 11:00 a.m. If you arrive past this time, you may take your children with you to worship. Parents of infants are free to come and go as needed.


8:30 a.m.- Rise & Shine Service

All preschoolers are invited to "come as you are, p.j.'s and all!" We'll have a little snack and help you get ready for a great day for learning about God. We will have a special time of worship and spending time with our friends, just like our parents! Get ready to Rise and Shine and give God the Glory!

  • Infants-2's: Little Farm Down the Road
  • 3's-Kindergarten: ToT Town

9:40 a.m.- Preschool Bible Journey (PBJ)

PBJ is our primary discipleship time for infants-Kindergarten. We have marvelous teachers who use Gospel Light curriculum to take our preschoolers through the whole Bible two times during early childhood. We continue this progressive scope and sequence into our elementary ministry.

  • The Meadow (at the Ministry Center)
  • Infants-Toddlers: Little Farm Down the Road
  • 2's-Non Potty Trained 3's: Turtle Room
  • Preschool: Elephant Room
  • Kindergarten: Ocean Room

10:50 a.m.- Preschool Promiseland

Preschool Promiseland is a time for PreK and Kindergarten kids to have a relevant worship experience, where we pray, worship and sit on little pews just like our bigger friends in the Worship Center across the street. :-) For consistency and maximum retention, we use "Discovering God's Love", which expands on the Bible lesson from PBJ that morning, using adventure and art centers. Preschool Promiseland takes place in Tot Town, our fabulous preschool worship center. Our 5th grade and up students come and help as leaders, we love them! We do ask that you wait to pick up your 2's-Kinder kids until Noon, when our worship time ends.  We have so much fun each week, our rooms are full of energy, exuberance and enthusiasm!

  • Infants: The Meadow (at the Ministry Center)
  • Toddlers: Little Farm Down the Road
  • 2's-Non Potty Trained 3's: Turtle Room
  • Potty trained 3's- Kindergarten: ToT Town for Preschool Promiseland