As a family "doing life together," we seek to support each other through difficult times. Our Ministry Teams are designed with that intention. Join one today and be on call when needed.

Check out our video below by John Mark Clawson to see what MSBC is up to in Matamoras, Mexico!

Hope in Life Counseling

Contact: Cathie Walling ; Visit "Hope in Life" Website

Our Mission is to help you or your loved one find hope in life and begin to live more free.We are passionately devoted to directing you toward healing with compassion and truth through confidential counseling.If progress needs to continue in another area of service or with another counselor, we will gladly make referrals.  We are committed to the best way for you or your loved one to heal.

Mercy Team

Contact: Kelly Hearn
This team helps provides practical ministry, typically in the form of meals when one of our church members is in crisis or need. This could be due to illness, death in the family, new baby or other special circumstances

Correspondance Team

Contact: Susan McMinn
This team writes notes to recent visitors, shut-ins and others who need special encouragement. They also send a handwritten note to each new family that moves to downtown Georgetown.

Bereavement Team

Contact: Jodie Steger
This team coordinates food and ministers to those who lose loved ones.

PRO Team

Contact: Greg Christianson
PRO stands for "People Reaching Out." This team reaches out to visitors and newcomers


Contact: Fred Wilson
This team provides transportation for individuals to attend church activities.

Cookies that Care

Contact: Lois Wilson
First time visitors to Main Street receive a seasonally decorated bag full of cookies baked by this team.

Sunday Morning Teams

First Impressions Team

Contact: Mike Leeds
This team greets, welcomes and ushers Sunday worship attenders. They also provide information to guests at worship and Bible fellowships.

Flower Team

Contact: Daniece Mulcahey
This team coordinates placement of flowers for worship services.

Baptism Team

Contact: Gary & Laura Shipman
This team assists people who are baptized during worship services.

Lord's Supper Team

Contact: Wayne Doss
This team sets up the Lord's Supper table for special services.

Audio/Visual Team

Contact: John Sullivan
This team runs the sound and video for worship.

Contact the church office if you would like the help of one of these teams or would like to serve on a team.